Emanuel Lutheran Intramural Sports Programming made history by hosting the first competition for an Indoor Soccer Match. On Tuesday, January 13, 2016 we hosted a match that brought Bridges Academy to our gym. Though the score, 19-8 indicated that Bridges was the better skilled team, our Saints played with heart, courage and intensity.

A short time back, in 2014, we initiated a competition for our second grade students by having them play a basketball game. We found that Bridges would agree send a team of second graders for a game which we hosted. You see, most of our scheduled contests are for Middle School Students as there are several teams that enjoy playing us. At the Meet the Teacher Night in September of 2013, a concerned parent asked me to look into age bracket games for younger students, which I did, and because of that urging, we opened the gate for younger students to play.

From that, agreements were made with schools to allow us to extend the rosters of Intramural soccer and basketball games to include the fifth graders. This year, Laurel Hill even allowed us a deeper extension to our roster and we were allowed to bring our talented fourth graders to their soccer field so they could play in the games with the older students. I even got permission to bring a second and third grader to a match knowing that the Laurel Hill coach would match our players up, our unit of below Middle School age students, with theirs.

The concept is already out there. Every sport has young student athletes playing in early grade levels. What is ground breaking and historic here is that we now have established middle elementary grade rosters for sports in two seasons, Fall and Winter. Looking ahead, I now have to consider having more training and extending the seasons.

There is something special about this little school house on Main Street in Patchogue. Now, we have a new aspect to our mission of providing Christian care for our students and families.

Mark 9:23… And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.”

by Wayne Caldicott
Physical Education Director