God has placed on parents the primary responsibility to educate their children.

Emanuel Lutheran School is designed to assist parents by providing a Christian Program where children are helped to grow, learn, and develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually.

Here at Emanuel Lutheran School we are focused on the personal learning for all of our students. We are a school where students are empowered to begin a journey in unleashing their unknowable potential. We believe that by being fully present in our daily interactions, we create a safe atmosphere where learning becomes a journey rather than an academic goal. It is the relationship between our faculty and students along with their families that allows for fun and exciting learning experiences that go beyond the textbook.

As students grow in their independence at Emanuel they are met with a positive approach to the necessary struggles for learning by celebrating achievements, perseverance and character. Anyone walking through the halls or through the various classrooms, has the opportunity to interact with student work giving them an authentic audience and enriching their learning experience. Interactions with our students are not limited to our school and local community.

The use of technology creates global connections while teaching digital responsibility and creating a positive footprint in the world. Partnering together with parents is the key that enables us to instill in our students the attributes that are essential for them to become impactful citizens in a global community. Being a Christ centered school, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. These attributes are intertwined in all that we do here at Emanuel Lutheran School as a way of creating a foundation for a life of faith, joy and successful living.


Emanuel Lutheran School Provides…

• a Safe Environment and an Education… without distractions that supports the growth of the whole child in developmentally appropriate ways, and helping a child reach their potential.

• children… to learn and experience God’s love.

• encouragement…for children to acquire self – esteem, concern for others, a sense of community and a spirit of sharing. 

• an ability to…foster creativity, exploration, self – discipline, and a love of learning.


Emanuel Lutheran School Since 1957

Full Day or Half-Day Preschool, Full Day Kindergarten, and Grades 1 through Middle School

❖ All teachers certified – Most holding Master degrees and continuing education credits

❖ Transportation and textbooks provided by home school district

❖ Parent – Teacher – Friends League (PTFL)

❖ Sibling Discount 

❖ Lutheran Church Discount

❖ Before-care available all week for Preschool through Middle School starting at 7am

❖ After-care ending at 6pm 

❖ Integrated Technology

❖ Accelerated Reading Program



Entrance screening and parent interview required for all new students:
❖ Kindergarten – Dial Test
❖ 1st through Middle School is screened in Math, Reading and Writing. 


Preschool through Middle School: Foreign Language, Access to our Computer Lab.

Kindergarten through Middle School: Art, Physical Education, Music.

After School Programs and Activities: Sports and a Variety of Interest Clubs for all ages.



Throughout the year, Emanuel Lutheran School participates in: 

❖ Curriculum Projects   ❖ Band program   ❖ Spelling Bees  

 ❖ Outdoor education field trips for upper grades ❖ Swimming program for grades K-3rd  

❖ Field days  ❖ Concerts  ❖ Plays  

❖ Thanksgiving Feast  ❖ Pancake Lunch  ❖ School wide Picnic … and more!