About us

Welcome To Emanuel Lutheran School

For 60 years, Emanuel Lutheran School has been shepherding children through their formative years, instilling character, excellence and the courage of faith.

Emanuel Lutheran School is committed to developing personalized learning goals for each of our students. We are a school where students are empowered to begin a journey in unleashing their unknowable potential. We believe that by being fully present in our daily interactions, we create a safe atmosphere where learning becomes a journey rather than an academic goal. It is the relationship between our faculty, students and their families that allows for fun and exciting learning experiences that go beyond the textbook.

As students grow in their independence at Emanuel they are met with a positive approach to the challenges of learning by celebrating achievements, perseverance and character. Visitors walking throughout halls or through the various classrooms, have the opportunity to interact with students work at giving them an authentic audience and enriching their learning experience. Interactions with our students are not limited to our school and local community. The use of technology creates global connections while teaching digital responsibility and creating a positive footprint in the world.

Partnering together with parents is the key that enables us to instill in our students the attributes that are essential for them to become impactful citizens in a global community. Being a Christ centered school, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self¬control. These attributes are intertwined in all that we do here at Emanuel Lutheran School as a way of creating a foundation for a life of faith, joy and successful living.

Mission Statement:

Emanuel School partners with families to create
for their children a foundation for joyful, successful living.